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GBC Mad About Plaid Holiday Party

Come join us this Sunday for our Mad About Plaid Holiday Party. So as the title suggest this party does have a dress code. I expect you to arrive in your favorite plaid holiday outfit. The more plaid the better, in my opinion.

        Special thanks to everyone who joined us for the Yulefest 5K. It was a great 4-race season with the Cambridge5k Group and I am excited to hear they added another race next year. Season Passes are now available, so save yourself the headache and the extra registration fees.

       If you haven't joined us yet, this is an amazing event to come out for. I am sure you will make a new friend or two if you come over and introduce yourself to the group. You can always ask for me, Andy, and I can show you around, while assisting in selecting a new beer to try.

      Best and see you at the Bar!